September 2, 2021

Agency Work During COVID19

As an agency member, sometimes you may think that you are just an employee number in a database. This is never the case if you are an Aktrapid Member. At Aktrapid, we try our level best to make you feel included and a part of the family. We try to maintain open communication with you and treat you like the valuable member you are. We understand that the work that you perform at a client site comes with compassion, empathy, patience, and love. So like with any family, we make sure that you are kept safe at every site that we send you to as an Aktrapid member. 

How do we manage during COVID19?

Managing a member pool of 500+ staff during a global pandemic that we are all facing is not easy. Here’s how we do it and why we do it! Hopefully after reading this, you understand why we try our level best to comply with the internal processes that we have in place to keep you and the community safe.

Getting Tested Regularly

We encourage all our members to get tested at least twice a week if you are picking up more than 4+ shifts and once a week for anything less. Getting tested regularly helps us manage our member pool and keep track of the movement of members. You will also notice that some clients will request an updated COVID19 test result and if your rest result is not up to date they may not accept you at the facility.

Single Site and Block Bookings

With the number of cases rising in Victoria, we try our best to limit our members from traveling between aged care sites. This is to help prevent the spread of any outbreaks. This does not mean that you will have reduced hours though. Instead, we will try our level best to offer you a Block Booking at one site for a period of 2 weeks with set shifts. Once your block booking is over, we will require you to get tested and provide us with your negative test result before we offer you another block booking!
Please remember, when we offer our members a Block Booking at a site, Single Site Policy will apply for the period of the assignment that you are locked in for. 

Working at a COVID-19 Listed Site 

While working at a COVID-19 listed site, we will make sure to find out as much information as possible from the site and DHHS prior to booking a member. This includes the current outbreak at the facility, if the member will be working with any residents that have tested positive, in the green zone or if the site is just under precautionary lockdown. 

We will maintain regular communication with any members locked in for a booking at a COVID listed site to make sure that you get the support from us as an agency, and that you have all the required resources at the facility to be working in a safe environment. We will try our best to offer you incentives and accommodation if you are not able to self-isolate at home. Remember to speak to our consultants regarding accommodation and incentives!

We are grateful for all our dedicated and hard-working members. We acknowledge the work that you do and the care that you provide to the most vulnerable individuals in our community, and we cannot express our gratitude during these trying times. 

Remember that our friendly consultants are always here to help you out and support you and are only a phone call away. 

Stay Safe and take care of each other. 

Aktrapid Team

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Agency Work During COVID19

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