August 25, 2022

PCA Interview Guide

Is this your first interview for a PCA position in aged care? 

We understand that it can be overwhelming when preparing for an interview so here are some tips that will get you feeling confident and prepared so you can perform your best during an Aktrapid Interview.

Phase 1 - Resume:

It all starts with a good resume.  Less is more so long as you include the essentials! Make sure to state your qualification, level of experience, location, availability, and contact details clearly.

Phase 2 - The initial phone call: 

Once we have received your resume the first step of the application process will consist of us giving you a phone call to discuss the role, get to know you a little bit and answer any questions you may have.  To get to know you and help you reach your work goals, we will ask you  why you chose  PCA work as a career, why you applied  with Aktrapid and what you would like to achieve whilst working with us.  We will also ask you what kind of an employee you consider yourself to be and what kind of tasks duties you have performed as a PCA .  during this call we will verifying essential details listed in phase 1: Resume and send you a competency test via email to complete.  

Phase 3Face to face interview: 

At Aktrapid we give our applicants the option of either doing a video interview or coming into our office.  The face-to-face interview will be a continuation of the phone call where we will endeavour to get to know you, your working style, and your knowledge of the Aged Care Sector  a little further.  This is also an opportunity to meet our friendly team and see if agency work is the right fit for you.  During your interview will be asking you what your experience has been like as a carer, why you believe you would be a good candidate for agency work, what personal qualities are essential to possess as a good PCA and some ways that you can provide the best holistic care to residents.  Make sure your answers reflect your work ethic, knowledge of the aged care industry, ability to work as part of a team and communication skills but above all else be yourself! 

Phase 4 – Documentation:

To ensure we comply with all the rules and regulations we will send you a list of documents you need to collate and/or fill out.  These documents will include but are not limited to qualifications, certificates, mandatory aged care training, working rights and required vaccinations.  

Phase 5 – Induction: 

To ensure you feel confident and ready to start work we will conduct an induction with you where we will cover everything there is to know about our agency.  We will go over how to enter your availabilities, pick up shifts and submit your time sheets through our user-friendly mobile app.  If you are new to agency work, we will go over what a typical shift entails and provide you will all the tools and information you need start work.  

At Aktrapid, it is of upmost importance to us that our members feel supported, valued, and cared for so if you are thinking about applying with us, please don’t hesitate any longer!  

We wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you!  


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PCA Interview Guide

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